Yup. That’s a Bicycle Camper.

The Wide Path Camper makes bike tours way more cozy

By The Editors
October 22, 2015 9:00 am

Update: 23 August 2016

Since we last spoke of the bicycle-towed Wide Path Camper, many things have changed (our desire to own one, however, remains intact).

Namely, Wide Path models are now available to order, with deliveries set to start next month.

While the basics of the earlier Wide Path model remain the same, the new designs are available with custom options like a Lux Package ($500), Solar Power Package ($1,385), Outdoor Package ($280) and Kitchen Package ($280). In case you forgot, the base model is $3,900.

Gentleman, place your orders.

October is high season for a bicycle ride down the Pacific Coast. Not too hot. Not too cold.

We don’t recommend sleeping under the stars, though.

But we do recommend the Wide Path Camper, a new bicycle-friendly sleeper for your extended two-wheeled sojourns. It compacts by folding on itself and weighs just 100 pounds — which isn’t too bad when you’re riding on flat ground. It can comfortably sleep two adults and fit four at mealtime.

There are also some additional bells and whistles available, like an upgraded kitchen package, a 12-volt solar-power rig, or a luxe option with a nicer bed.

We say splurge and add the lot of ‘em.

It’ll pay for itself after a couple weeks on the road.

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