Watch a Complete Madman Drift the Entire Length of the Nürburgring Track

Or, how to disintegrate three sets of tires in just 12.9 miles

October 2, 2018 9:00 am

The storied Nürburgring race track in Germany is known for being a place where camouflaged prototypes gun for speed records. It’s a veritable zoo of screeching tires, vrooming horsepower and the occasional crunch of car against barrier. But Ford figured they could go even louder.

So they sent driver Vaughn Gittin, Jr., to drift the entire length of the Nordschleife section, otherwise known as the Green Hell. That’s 12.9 miles and 73 turns of pure tire-incinerating insanity that even Gittin Jr. described as “the most insane and scariest experience I have ever had from behind the wheel.”

But Ford Performance doesn’t call the video “The Drift King of the Ring” for nothing. Watch him submit Nürburgring to his will in the extended cut below:

While Gittin Jr.’s drifter of choice is technically a 2018 Ford Mustang, don’t get any funny ideas just yet, Mustang owners. The company is quick to point out that his is a “supercharged Ford Performance Aluminator 5.0 XS powered Mustang RTR Spec 5-D.” That’s English for modified to all (green) hell.

Still, the drift-to-end-all-drifts has one caveat. As you can expect, one set of tires can’t withstand almost 13 miles of this brutality, and the team went through three pairs of Nitto Tire’s NT555 G2 during a single lap, according to Gittin, Jr.

The extended cut above is the second video released from this exploit, but Ford says it’s a four-part series in which Forza Motorsport and Pennzoil will be releasing the last two videos some time this fall.

And that’s what we call the drift that keeps on giving.

Main image: screenshot via Ford Performance

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