Velocity’s Ford Mustang Restomod Updates a Classic for the Modern Era

New components and modern conveniences make this Mustang better than it ever was

Ford Mustang Restmodo Fastback
Ford Mustang Fastback
Velocity Modern Classics

The concept of a restomod vehicle is to make the cars of the past better than you remember them. While there’s absolutely something to rebuilding a classic ride back to like-new status, the “mod” parts of restomods modify vintage cars with modern conveniences while maintaining everything we originally loved about them. It’s also an opportunity to juice things up in the performance department, too. 

Velocity Modern Classics is a Florida-based operation dedicated to bringing back classic Ford and Chevrolet models back to the future by way of a thorough rebuilding and modification process, and the 1967 Ford Mustang is the subject of its latest project. 

Beyond a set of LED lights and a vented hood, very little betrays that the 1967-68 Mustang isn’t a blast from the past from the outside, but there are huge changes underneath the surface, not the least of which is the 5.0-liter V8 from Ford that whips up 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Similar to modern-era Mustangs, this V8 is mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission, through which power is sent to the rear wheels. 

The restored pony car is built on an all-new chassis manufactured by Roadster Shop, which is designed to support Mustangs of that era with something stronger than a patchwork of newer bits welded onto older ones. It also receives a full independent front suspension and a four-link suspension in the rear. It rides on 17-inch alloy wheels shod in Continental Extreme Contact Sport 2 tires. A brake system with 4-piston Calipers and 11-inch rotors by Baer bring the whole thing to a halt. 

In essence, this vintage Mustang has modern Mustang guts and will drive better than it ever did in the ‘60s. It’ll feel better, too, thanks to an interior of premium materials, proper sound baffling and a modern HVAC system. Velocity’s Mustang even has USB chargers and can be connected to a stereo system that’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. 

Getting one for yourself will take a bit of both time and money. The asking price for this rebuilt Mustang starts at around $300,000, which is essentially 10 times the amount of what the modern Ford goes for, or the cost of four Shelby GT500s. Regardless, the process of building the Velocity Mustang takes about 14 weeks from order, and at the end of it, drivers will have one of the most unique Mustangs in their collection and one that can handle regular use thanks to its all-new components. 

Given how any remaining 1967 Mustangs in any state of repair become even more rare with every passing year, if this Velocity Mustang strikes your fancy, we wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to put in an order.

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