Your Pickup. A Parking Lot. This Tailgating Kitchen.

Oh and the game

September 7, 2017 9:00 am

Certain recipes are impossible to muck up. Tailgating is simple enough: beer, the game, your buddies. But Germany-based company VanEssa has a new slide-out kitchen system that makes a strong argument for making that equation a touch more refined.

Just add one Volkswagen Amarok and this rig will take care of the rest.

Vanessa (3 images)

The system comes complete with all the gear a hungry grillboss needs to feed his team, space to keep beer icy cold and a place to take a load off. Sounds about right to us.

The modular system hooks to the left side of the truck’s bed with a countertop, kitchen sink and a 35-liter fridge in tow. That sink runs off of a 32-liter water tank attachment and, this is fun, also turns into an outdoor shower in case someone needs to redo their war paint.

Under the sink of the VanEssa there’s a slew of drawers and a countertop for storing utensils and supplies. The system is set to hit the market coming this March 2018 and will run for approximately $3,640.

There’s no sleeping adaptation unit with this set-up, but VanEssa has loads of other options for that as upping the ante on adventure rides is the forte.

Plus, it’s a tailgate, not a sleep-away camp. Be a good sport and get your tail home.

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