Stunt Driver Travis Pastrana is Launching a Rallycross Championship Series

With innovative electric vehicles at the center of it all

Nitro Rallycross
Get ready for a lot more Nitro Rallycross in the next few years.
Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana is known for defying gravity in assorted vehicles — including replicating a trio of Evel Knievel jumps and jumping a car over an Annapolis canal multiple times. Pastrana is capable of doing absurd things when he’s behind the wheel, and next year he’ll be embarking on an ambitious new venture — one which might showcase his ethos to a whole new scale.

At Jalopnik, Elizabeth Blackstock reports that Nitro Rallycross — created by Pastrana and Nitro Circus — is expanding into a championship series next year. In 2021, the series will feature 5 races; the following year, that will increase to 10.

2021 will also bring with it the first test of the FC1-X, an electric SUV developed in conjunction with Ford, Volkswagen and Subaru. The FC1-X is scheduled to have its first tests in February. The press release announcing it offers some enticing details: “While based on an electric SUV platform, it is a pure racing machine through and through. The highest performing vehicle ever in the sport, it produces 1,000+ peak HP with all-wheel drive, is capable of three G’s of acceleration and can rocket from zero to 60-mph in under 1.5 seconds.”

For viewers who like their vehicles powerful and their racing unpredictable, this new series offers a lot to look forward to. The project doesn’t lack ambition, but if all goes according to plan, this should be an exciting new addition to the racing series landscape.

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