Mercedes Just Teased the First Maybach SUV

The top is off. And we're a little turned on.

February 10, 2017 9:00 am

Update February 14: Since the first shots of the Landaulet were leaked last week, some new details have emerged from Mercedes. They’ve confirmed that the 4WD SUV will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V12 engine. The rear open-air area will feature both an electric fabric cover and an opaque glass partition from the front that can be closed for complete privacy. Not that the front seats will be lacking: they’re fully reclineable, with a calf rest and a heated massage element to boot. Other bells and whistles include cooled or heated cupholders, folding tables and two 10-inch entertainment systems. Only 99 units will be produced.

Maybach (6 images)

Topless and refined — not something you hear too often together. But here she be.

The teaser shots of the forthcoming 2018 Mercedes-Maybach from Automailru confirm the G650 Landaulet ahead of its March Geneva motor show debut.

Clearly taking inspiration from the G-Class, the first Mercedes-Maybach SUV has a crazy fun fold-away rear roof (obviously) for the open air-seeking enthusiast. Coupled with the running gear of the G500 4×4² and with roomy portal axles and hefty fenders, it’s just begging to be taken of road for a filthy good time.

Also teased on the Mercedes Facebook page, no official specs have been released yet. But you can certainly expect something to the effect of 612 ponies, around 737 lb-ft of torque, a top speed of about 144mph and a sticker exceeding $226k. Plus, you can count on them going fast. It’s speculated that approximately 100 units only will be made. 

But we want in! Because we like what Mercedes did here. It’s like they were sitting around and some joy wizard was like, “Let’s just bring all the best sh*t we have to this party.”

We can’t wait to celebrate.

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