Here’s What Happens When You Put Nitrous in a 26-Foot RV

This ain't your grandpappy's Winnebago

August 17, 2016 9:00 am

Used to be RVs were the bane of highway travelers.

Jamming up traffic. Braking on inclines. Failing to see you in their blind spot as they haphazardly change lanes.

But that’s not the case at Palmer Designs, where a group of gearheads have retooled a 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome into a lean, mean, landspeed-record-breaking machine called the MoHo.

The rig originally debuted in 2006 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, clocking in at 107 MPH. In the years since, the owners have added tons of Fast and Furious-style mods to gradually bump that number up, and early reports out of this year’s edition of the speed festival have the 26-foot beast clocking in at a whopping 118 MPH, a record for the RV class.

The 2016 MoHo is equipped with a NX Wet Nitrous System and Fuel-Injected Chevy 502 Ram Jet Motor (more specs here), and it’s been stripped down to naught but the walls to keep it as lightweight as possible. The project will benefit and raise awareness for CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth), a rare neurological disorder that weakens and damages peripheral nerves.

Here’s to finding a cure as fast as old MoHo finds the finish line.

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