Testing the Waters at the 2019 New York Boat Show

Previewing some of the most popular classes of vessels at the annual aquatic affair.

January 25, 2019 5:00 am

In addition to being home to Citi Bikes and MTA buses New York is a city of planes, trains, and automobiles.

And, at least for five days in mid-January, boats.

Now hosted at the Javits Center on the West Side of Manhattan, the New York Boat Show has been taking place for more than 100 years. An annual event for industry employees and boating enthusiasts, the New York Boat Show – which is now sponsored by Progressive Insurance – showcases the latest in aquatic innovations and vessels. 

The logo at the New York Boat Show. (RCL)

Featuring everything from jet skis and motoryachts to tenders and an amphibious sports plane, this year’s show boasts more than 350 different vessels.

Also on display: radar, GPS systems, sunglasses, fishing journals, maps and charts, waterproof sound systems, clothing, knives, grills, fishing gear, custom flags and banners, and brochures for getting a captain’s license.

And jerky. Because fisherman like eating jerky – not using it as bait.

To help get a better sense of what’s available at this year’s show, RealClearLife got NY Boat Show spokesperson Carrie Waible to show us around and talk about four of more popular varieties of vessels at the show.

And don’t pull up anchor before the sports plane – which has a top speed of 110 miles per hour and a 450-mile range – at the end.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro at the 2019 Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show. (RCL)

Wake Boat

Center Console Vessel


 (with Gary Knight of ICON who calls the A5 a “Sandbar Ferrari)

The Icon A5 at the 2019 Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show. (RCL)

The show will be running at the Javits Center until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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