New Model S Plaid Package Raises Top Speed to 200 MPH

The track package is set for release in June 2023

Tesla Model S
A new track package is coming to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

If you’re a Tesla enthusiast whose fondness for driving takes then on both the road and the track, you may well have been craving a higher top speed in recent years. Now, the automaker has announced a new package for the Model S Plaid which will raise its top speed to 200 miles per hour — and satisfy a promise the automaker once made to buyers when it announced the Model S Plaid.

As Engadget explains, the Model S Plaid currently has a top speed of 163 miles per hour — far faster than you’ll ever need to drive on streets and highways, but less so when it comes to taking one’s car out on the track.

The Model S Plaid Track Package — set for release in June 2023 — changes all of that. Tesla’s announcement cites “aluminum forged wheels, track-ready tires and brake fluid, new carbon-silicon carbide rotors, and one-piece forged calipers with high-performance pads” — and it’s all compatible with Model S Plaids made since 2021.

Tesla pointed out that the top speed of 200 miles per hour is only available with their Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit (which is also available as a standalone purchase) and “proper wheels and tires fitted for those speeds.” All told, it’ll cost between $15,000 and $20,000.

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When Tesla first announced the Model S Plaid, the top speed was said to be 200 miles per hour. According to a report by Fred Lambert at Electrek, the top speed being below this threshold so far has been due to questions of the brake system — hence the upgraded brake kit found in the Track Package. So if you see more Teslas making their way around racetracks later this year, you’ll know why.

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