Falcon Quest

Tesla’s new SUV takes the car door to new heights

By The Editors
September 29, 2015 9:00 am

While Volkswagen is choking on its own fetid fumes, Elon Musk has himself once again perched in the catbird seat.

Musk just revealed the Model X, Tesla’s first SUV.

Seen here in a pristine white, it seats seven comfortably and runs on a 90 kWh battery that provides 250 miles of driving range. But the real showstopper here? The advent of the Falcon Door.

These passenger doors upwards and outward — not unlike the wings of a raptor. Hence the name. Their sensors can detect the height and width of the spaces around them and can adjust accordingly, so you can navigate absurdly narrow parking spaces (looking at you, Whole Foods) without worrying about dinging the guy next to you’s paintjob. 

Those cameras, along with a built-in sonar, also protect the car from oncoming collisions while driving. The doors and the height of the seats also make it easier to get your knee-highs — and their carseats — in and out of the vehicle. Safety first.

Oh, it also goes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.

Perfect for those urban adventures to and from the grocery store.  

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