Tesla’s Adding Customizable Sounds to Its Cars, And That Includes Farts

Your electric vehicle now has gas (noises), as required by law

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 will be able to warn pedestrians with customizable sounds
Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Turns out the biggest problem with electric cars is that they’re too quiet.

A few years back U.S. regulators made it mandatory for electric cars to emit a sound at up to 19 mph to protect pedestrians, with the sound emissions standard going into effect with any cars manufactured from September 2019 and beyond.

Now that we’re at that deadline, Elon Musk has announced Tesla will allow car owners to customize their horns and other car sounds (the company already added a pedestrian warning system to its Model 3).

Available soon: The sound of coconuts, goats and, why not, farts (insert your own Tesla / “silent but deadly” joke here. )

As the car publication Electrek notes, Musk also said his cars would soon deliver “directional horns” and allow uploaded sound clips from drivers.

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