Suzuki Announces Limited-Edition Jimny Heritage

...which will only be available in Australia

Jimny Heritage
A wonderfully retro off-roader.

Did Suzuki know something the rest of the automotive world didn’t? In 1970, the automaker released the first Jimny — and set in motion the story of one of the least likely cult autos the world has ever seen. In the decades since then, the automaker revisited the basic design a few times, but largely stuck to a few basic principles, including a compact design that seemed tailor-made for off-roading.

Now, Suzuki is revisiting the early days of the Jimny, albeit with a twist — if you’re intrigued by the concept of the car’s past and present converging in a single vehicle, the Jimny Heritage checks all of those boxes. Unfortunately, unless you live in Australia, you’re not going to be able to get ahold of one.

Even if you live in Australia, getting a Jimny Heritage of your own may be tough, as Suzuki is limiting this edition to 300. Autoblog has more details on this edition — including that four color schemes will be available, and that it’s only available with a manual transmission. The starting price is the equivalent of $22,591 — though that’ll go up if you want to select a specific paint job.

Suzuki hasn’t provided more information, but the Jimny Heritage’s blend of compact size and power point to a combination not usually seen in the U.S. Given the geographic restrictions on this edition, though, it might be a while before we see one on stateside roads.

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