America’s Prettiest Teardrop Trailers Are Designed by a Boatmaking Company

Safe to say they'll do well in a rainstorm

By The Editors
December 5, 2016 9:00 am

We write a lot about teardrop campers, and for good reason.

They tend to be cheaper than standard RVs, they use space ingeniously, and — largely as a result of points A and B — they tend to be a breeding ground for a lot of really nice-looking designs.

This isn’t a new fad, by any stretch. Teardrops have been the apple of the American adventurer’s eye since the 1930s, and a group of Chesapeake boatmakers noticed something most of us probably didn’t:

Teardrop trailers are basically upside-down boats.

Chesapeake Light Craft has been making and selling DIY boat kits since the early 2000s, helping water-lovers make stunning wooden kayaks, SUPs and sailboats. They’ve sold some 30,000 boat kits.

They also love teardrops and — noticing that it was basically the same construction as a boat, just inverted — they produced a teardrop trailer kit, which you can use to make one at a fraction of the cost of buying one entire. The video above goes through all of the details. Check it out.

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