We Begrudgingly Acknowledge That This Scooter Is Awesome

Sleek, fast and electric as the day is long

October 10, 2018 9:00 am

Scooters have become a bit of a thing.

Once the express domain of that lame-ass Razor that probably occupied a small corner in your garage, scooters are now electric and go by names like Bird and Lime, with jawdropping evaluations in the billions. Not to mention they sit at the crux of exhausting “So are these legal or not?” public-transportation squabbles. 

It’s a lot to process, so here’s something startingly simple: a sexy, sleek offering from startup Stator, which is yet to hit the market but is already commanding attention for its thoughtful design.

stator (2 images)

While most ride-sharing scooters resemble a matte-finished, motor-outfitted version of the aforementioned Razor, Stator’s design imagines an entirely original vehicle. It puts to use chunky, oversized tires to protect the motor, along with a spartan chromoly tube for the front bar steering. And let’s be honest: it looks pretty damn cool. 

Fully chargeable in about four hours, the Stator can ramp up to 25 MPH, travels 20 miles on a charge, folds down when you’re heading into the elevator at work and easily expands out if you need it to handle cargo (at a carrying capacity of 250-lbs). This, friends, is a good reason to make scooters a thing. 

Stator is currently still testing prototypes, but head here for information on when the scooter’s available for purchase. 

All images from Stator

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