Add These Ultra-Thin Solar Panels to Your Campsite, Prosper

Off the grid and into the future we go!

September 20, 2017 9:00 am

Power: It’s one of the main things that separates us from the other animals.

Well, that and our ability to cooperate with each other. It’s that pooling of collective resources and know-how that enables us to invent and manufacture stuff that’s electric.

Like these solar powered sheets by Sunflare, which they’ve added to Teardrop Trailer’s lovely Vistibule.  

solar panels for teardrop (3 images)

We’ve written about the Vistibule before; it’s gorgeous and comfy. Now that they’ve added the Capture4 from Sunflare, this little tow-behind can generate enough power to charge two cell phones, power a laptop and run a fridge with some light to spare.

More incredible, the cells (made of gallium, indium, copper and selenide) are only a few micrometers thick. That means they’re lightweight and barely noticeable. They outperform silicon at non-peak hours and can even capture enough UVs on a cloudy day to juice your highly evolved life.

Also, no pollution made. Because safeguarding all of the other animals is the true sign of power.

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