They’re Calling This Solar-Electric Yacht the Tesla of the Sea

Hear that? Us neither.

June 23, 2017 9:00 am

We’re not exactly easy on our planet’s waters. The solar electric SoelCat 12, however, is a pleasant step in the right direction.

The 16-passenger catamaran comes to us from the Netherlands-based Soel Yachts — a company that’s unsurprisingly calling the vessel a “Tesla on the water.”  Which is to say, the boat is fully sustainable and quiet to boot, all the while reducing CO2 emissions along the way.

soelcat (6 images)

At 39 feet long, the entire rig has a total lithium battery capacity of 120kWh, meaning it can operate for six hours and eight knots on batteries alone. 

Above all, the SoelCat will be a big play for eco-tourism. While the company is set to unveil the SoelCat in Auckland, New Zealand, they’re planning to ship the first unit in July to a resort in the French Polynesia. 

Otherwise, wealthy fishermen should know the electric vessel ships easily, disassembled, in two 40-foot containers. At the end of the day, it’s high speed, low impact and looks to be a crazy amount of fun.

It’s a win for everyone, including Ma Nature. 

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