Shall We Compare This Restored Porsche 911 to a Summer’s Day?

A little green love letter to an air-cooled era

November 30, 2017 9:00 am

A picture, it’s often said, is worth a thousand words.

Well, it’s certainly not always true, but in this case, we feel a word is worth a thousand pictures.  

The word in question? Atlanta. That’s the name that the aftermarket tuning geniuses at Singer Vehicle Design bestowed upon this stunning Porsche 911.

At Singer, they say that the goal of each of their projects is to create “a love letter to a golden air-cooled era restored, reimagined and reborn over more than four thousand hours.”

As with their previous efforts, we’d say the shiny green Atlanta wholly meets that lofty aspiration.

Now, on to a few of those pictures:

Singer (6 images)

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