Shelby Is Making the Most Powerful Street-Legal Ford Even More Powerful

Only 100 Shelby GT500SE models are available for 2020

Shelby American Mustang GT500SE on a race track
Yes, it's even got a vented carbon-fiber hood.
Shelby American Inc.

The 2020 Mustang GT500 is a great car if you have the cash. As Ford has made abundantly clear in promoting the latest iteration, it’s the most powerful street-legal vehicle the automaker has ever offered. But anyone can ring up Dearborn and get themselves a regular GT500 — what if you live your life like Tim Taylor and want more power?

Shelby American, the Mustang’s performance-enhancing drug of choice, revealed its Signature Edition of the supercar last week. Instead of 760 horsepower, the Shelby version will get over 800 ponies, as well as other power-boosting upgrades like a carbon-fiber hood, new wheels and tires, and an “aggressive suspension tune,” plus a few aesthetic touches for good measure, like a couple stripes down the middle and recovered leather seats.

The other main selling-point, as with many of Shelby’s cars, is exclusivity. “Remember, only 100 of these 800-plus-hp Mustangs will be built for each model year, and to make sure you know which one you have, Shelby includes both engine and dashboard plaques with the car’s serial number,” noted Car and Driver.

Currently, a stock Mustang GT500 will set you back $72,900, but Shelby’s upgrades will add an extra $30K onto that. If that’s a little too rich for your blood, Shelby simultaneously announced Signature Editions for the 2015-2020 model year Shelby GT350, which will add $10K onto the base price of that cheaper, though equally exhilarating, model.

And if even 99 people having the same car and Shelby experience as you is too pedestrian, the company is also offering a “First 15” package for up to 15 people who reserve builds before August 14. Those buyers will be invited to a special party in Las Vegas and receive a one night’s stay at the D Casino and Hotel — hopefully after the pandemic abates.

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