Remember Sexy RV Brochures?

The year is 1975. The state of advertising is ... confusing.

January 27, 2017 9:00 am

Little insider info for ya: the two things that you, our readers, most enjoy looking at are campers and pretty ladies. In that order. Our data department has the numbers and charts to prove it. So kudos to the retro news site Flashbak, which (via Retrocrush) uncovered what InsideHook might have would looked like in 1975. They recently profiled a Komfort RV brochure from the Me Decade that features a trifecta of sexy women, wood paneling and burnt orange interiors.

For reference:

Camper Tramp (7 images)

Dubbing it “Camper Tramps,” the brochure does make the trailer life seem, well, swingin’.

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