Harley-Davidson Is Auctioning Off Custom, Chopper-Style Electric Bicycles

Retro design meets modern engineering

Serial 1's MOSH/CHOPPER.
Serial 1

We’re currently living through a substantial rise in the number and profile of e-bikes around the country. One of the most interesting players in this growing industry is Serial 1, which began life as a division of Harley-Davidson before being spun off into its own company. And if you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of an electric bicycle with Harley-Davidson engineering in its DNA, you’re not alone. Throw in the prospect of owning a one-of-a-kind vehicle, and you have an even more engaging idea.

At The Verge, Andrew J. Hawkins has more details on what the company has planned. Serial 1 recently announced its 1-OFF program. This involves releasing, as per their website, “a new, run-of-one custom eBike model available for auction a few times per year.” The first of these is called MOSH/CHOPPER, which Serial 1 says brings together “the silhouette of a ’60s-era wheelie bike with psychedelic paint and loads of chopper style.”

As of this writing, the leading bid for MOSH/CHOPPER was $7,000. That’s not including transporting the e-bike back home — though they do offer pickup options at their warehouse in Milwaukee or at this year’s Sturgis Rally, where Serial 1 has a booth set up.

The auction ends in the evening of August 10. At that time, someone will walk away the winner of a unique method of getting around town — and the rest of us will have a better sense of what to expect next from the 1-OFF program.

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