Mutant Camper-Boat Is Our New Favorite Amphibian

That’s not an ATV. This is an ATV.

May 19, 2016 9:00 am

Had Paul Revere seen this coming, we might be eating crumpets right now.

A dual threat designed with campers and boaters in mind, the SeaLander is a waterproof RV trailer that can be converted into an electric-powered mini yacht with a few quick and easy modulations.

The SeaLander’s lightweight hull is made of stainless steel, fiberglass and reinforced plastic, and its wood-and-leather interior can be outfitted with a four-person table, kitchenette and convertible lounge/sleeping area. Add a 5 HP electric motor that doubles as a power source for on-board devices and LED lights, and the 1,070-pound, go-anywhere vehicle is light enough to be towed by most modestly powered SUVs.

Pricing for the SeaLander starts around $17,500 but that number goes up quickly with add-ons like a stove, shower, toilet, sound system and outdoor deck. Should you want to give it a whirl, drop SeaLander’s U.S. rep a line.

Happy trails … and sails.

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