The ‘Fisherman’s Jet Ski’ Exists and It’s Glorious

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October 16, 2018 9:00 am

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t fish from a personal watercraft?

For a long time, that was the truth: trying to successfuly angle from a jet ski was the outdoor-sports equivalent of carrying way too many groceries from the car at once. Just make a couple trips, man. 

But now it’s time to have at it, thanks to Sea-Doo’s Fish Pro, a lithe, green-and-orange jet ski for the go-getting fisherman. 

fish pro (2 images)

Sea-Doo is, of course, the ne plus ultra of jet skiing, famous for their signature “impeller”-driven waterjet vehicles. Their new Fish Pro supplements that technology with fishing specs and amenities out the absolute wazoo.

The vehicle can support up to three passengers (600 lbs.) with ample seating space — there’s an extended rear platform, bench seats when you’re waiting for nibbles, footrests and a hull specially designed for stability. The thing runs on a Rotax NA 1503 engine and comes equipped with a Garmin Fish Finder navigation system, multiple attachment points and a beefy fishing cooler. And at a shade under $15K, it’s cheaper (and easier to maintain) than a boat. 

In other words … you and two friends can crank out to open water in record time and have a pretty successful Saturday morning.

For more information on purchasing your own Fish Pro, head here

All images from Sea-Doo

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