A 200-MPH Flying Sportscar Is Ready for Liftoff

Some conditions may apply. YOU have to build it, for starters.

January 9, 2018 9:00 am

Although none of them have taken off as mainstream modes of transportation (yet), it’s a fact that we now live in a world where real-deal flying cars exist. And now, thanks to a California startup, we live in a world with real-deal flying sportscars, too.

Supposedly ready to launch in spring of this year, the three-wheel Switchblade from Samson Motors will have a top speed of 200 MPH and be able to cruise at altitudes up to 13,000 feet. With a set of extendable wings and a retractable tail that folds out, the lightweight two-seater can also operate as a ground vehicle. In fact, it’s technically classified as a motorcycle by the DOT. In the eyes of the FAA however, the Switchblade fits under the experimental classification, which means that 51% of the vehicle must be built by the owner to make it legal under U.S. law.

Switchblade (3 images)

Thanks to that little wrinkle, Samson is offering a build kit that includes the liquid-cooled engine, five-speed transmission and three weeks of their builder-assist program for about $140,000. It’s a bit complicated, but all of the nitty-gritty about the kit and build program can be found here.  

“With the program, if you can spend three weeks with us, at the end you’ll have a fully completed vehicle off the assembly line — with quality-control checks along the way — and all the paperwork filled out for your registration,” Samson founder Sam Bousfield told Robb Report.

One thing’s for sure: If Samson puts as much effort into the getting the Switchblade up and running as they did into making this promo video (complete with an unintentional Lowered Expectations reference), it’ll probably be a flying success.

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