Saleen Is Back With a 1,000-HP Supercar Straight Outta Y2K

"America's only true supercar" rides again

September 20, 2016 9:00 am

Y2K wasn’t exactly a banner year for American car design.

You need look no further than the Ford Mustang, which looked like this.

But there was the Saleen S7, and the Saleen S7 was with God, and the Saleen S7 was God. And then it was taken away from us far too young just six years later. But as with other things worth worshiping, it’s about to come back from the dead.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their seven-year run of securing racing championships from Daytona to Nurburgring, California-based Saleen has revealed it will be building a limited run of seven Saleen S7 tribute models. Powered by a seven-liter, twin-turbo engine with 1,000 HP, the new S7 LM supercar will feature exposed carbon fiber, advanced electronics and a powerful suspension and Saleen estimates it will be priced at a cool $1 million.

“True to our form, we are bringing back America’s only true supercar,” company president CEO Steve Saleen said in a release, “We are celebrating our winning heritage and advancing the performance DNA that Saleen was built around.”

While we’d wager the Viper, SSC Aero and Corvette Z06 might take issue with that “America’s only true supercar” claim, we’re willing to let it ride — provided we get to take one in the S7.

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