Driverless Car or Living Room on Wheels?

Renault's Symbioz concept is an addition to your home

September 22, 2017 9:00 am

In the future, we may very well live in a world where our living rooms take us to work. 

That’s if Renault’s incredible Symbioz concept  ever gets off the ground. The electric autonomous car concept — which was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show — is being marketed as an “extra-mobile, modular, multi-purpose room.”

Symbioz (5 images)

Taking its inspiration from space-age architecture, the Symbioz features a smooth all-steel frame. And behind the doors there are four lounge seats arranged around a small, high-design tray table.  

As told by Renault: “The car becomes a new mobile, multi-purpose living space for the whole family and can be used — open or closed — more fully, even when parked.” 

So perhaps the best way to think of Renault’s vision of the future is the car as a spare room in your abode. Coincidently, the car is being shown alongside as an extension of Renault’s vision of the future home

The Symbioz — or some wild version of it — is expected to land on the scene in 2023.

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