Nissan Explores Using EV Batteries As Backup Generators

Could this idea spread throughout the auto industry?

Nissan Sakura
Apparently, the battery in this can power an elevator.

Early last year, a Wall Street Journal article observed that a growing number of American homeowners were purchasing backup power systems for their houses. It isn’t hard to see why; power grids are being disrupted by both extreme weather and malicious attacks, increasing the need for a backup power source.

What if that backup could also have another role in your life, though? And, say, reside in your garage some of the time? And take you places if need be?

That’s an idea that Nissan is reportedly exploring — creating an EV battery that could also function as a backup for household energy needs in the event of an emergency. As Autoblog reports, Nissan is planning to use EV batteries as a way to power elevators in the event of a power outage. Autoblog’s article points out that Japan is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes, hence the increased need for the aforementioned backups.

According to the report, Nissan was able to keep a nine-person elevator running for 10 hours (albeit at slower than usual speeds) by using a Nissan Sakura. As Autoblog points out in their article, most EVs can only accept charges, not be charged and charge other things as well. That said, if this technique comes to fruition, it could make for a tempting proof of concept throughout the industry.

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