Indian Motorcycle Drops Everything for Its New Scout Bobber

The heritage company is going minimalist, and we ain't mad

July 18, 2017 9:00 am

The third model in Indian’s Scout lineup isn’t the road warrior one might be used to seeing. No, the new Scout Bobber is a call to the wild teen in all of us and a high-five to the rising desire for urban racers.

See also: a way to address a dwindling core customer base buying classic rides. 

Slightly reminiscent of Indian’s original Bobber, the team took to stripping the Scout down, freeing it from all necessary parts in an ode to the post-war models. That includes a front windshield. So, not exactly a tourer.

Bobber (9 images)

They also sliced the fenders, installed side-facing plates, gave the Bobber a tougher, low ride stance and tucked the rear suspension by an inch.

It’s stiffer and sportier, powered by a 100-pony, liquid-cooled V-Twin with split dual exhaust.

The accessories division also dumped the classic add-on saddlebags of yesterday’s models and opted for a roster of bells ‘n’ whistles like a performance air intake, a sissy bar passenger seat, a stage one exhaust system and some Spring bags.

The Bobber is ready for pre-order now for $11,499, shipping to U.S. and Canadian dealers this September. And the moto comes in five colorways, although for a tough mudder like this, we’d recommend black.

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