Cadillac to World: “We’re F*cking Back, Baby”

Is the new Escala the future of American cars? Hopefully.

August 19, 2016 9:00 am

Last night at Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance, Cadillac revealed the Escala, a paragon of American automaking that stands proudly at the crossroads of tech and design.

She’s a concept (for now), but the car’s innovations in craftsmanship and interactivity will surely factor into the next generation of production-line Caddies.

GM Executive VP Johan de Nysschen stated, “The car is not an announcement of a forthcoming production car. It’s an announcement of the direction that we are thinking about for technologies, for automation, for connectivity, for interior design, for craftsmanship — but most of all a very tangible expression of the new Cadillac design language that you will find in the forthcoming Cadillac products.”

Design language apparently meaning blending overt luxury with covert technology, which is the Escala in a nutshell.

The ride features a stunning curved OLED, hand-stitched leather and tailoring fabric, and a finish trim that seamlessly transitions from wood to aluminum. It’s breathtaking. And that’s only the interior.

A four-door sedan, the Escala measures 210.5” snout-to-tail, making it a six inches more expansive companion to our previous lover, the CT6. Under the hood, she’s powered by a new 4.3-liter twin turbo V8, while the grille features a three-dimensional precision pattern complementing the oh-so-special layered pattern on the 22” wheels.

In short, if the Escala concept is a one-night stand, we fully plan on wifing up the real thing once she arrives.

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