Hide Your Bikes. The Juggernaut Is Coming to Take Their Lunch Money.

Didn't you hear? Two front wheels are better than one.

August 17, 2016 9:00 am

With urban planners building more cycling-friendly routes than ever (even in the U.S.), bike commuting is having a serious moment.

A corollary to that moment? The rise of the e-bike.

Given the typical use cases (hilly cities, avoiding traffic, who wants to pedal home after a long day at the office?, etc.), most early models have been engineered for the city.

This one is most definitely not.

Debuted at Outdoor Retailer in Utah earlier this month, the fat tired, double-forked Juggernaut e-bike from Rungu is made for kicking up rocks and zipping down mountains.

Why the two tires? Well, it’s not a bike — it’s a Juggernaut. The creator envisions it as a load-bearing vehicle for towing sleds, skis or other equipment, a kind of “green alternative to an ATV,” according to GearJunkie.

The Juggernaut stands upright on its own, no kickstand necessary, and that stability translates to riding it, as well: you really have to lean into turns. It can hit speeds up  20 mph and can go 20 miles on one charge, making it easier to ferry a 12-foot SUP across a desolate stretch of beach.

But at 90 pounds and about $5K, it won’t be a light purchase.

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