You Boys Like Dune-Buggy Rallies?

Racing through the Baja badlands

By The Editors
January 2, 2015 9:00 am

A few months back, your correspondent traversed the Mojave Desert — the actual desert, not the roads — in a 2015 Toyota Tundra.

My fearless leader: Ryan Millen, a dirt-deviling vet who’s been off-road racing for 20 years.

And it just so happens that he was about to launch a new off-road racing adventure company at the time.

This is it: Baja Banditos.


Baja Banditos offers custom off-road adventures.

The trips runs from two days to two weeks.

Your whip for the trip: the Polaris XLP1000, a rough-and-tumble dirt buggy that’ll have you spitting rocks across the Peninsula 7-8 hours a day.

The sites along the way: the misiones of San Javier, San Ignacio and Santa Rosalía de Mulegé.

And one vast desert, untrampled by tourists.

You’ll also see cave paintings that are 12 feet tall. You’ll hit the Guadalupe Valley, home to Mexico’s emerging vineyards. You’ll lunch on real-deal Mexican tacos.

And the pillow where you’ll lay your head: resorts like Mike’s Sky Rancho, Misión San Quintín and Cavatina. All luxurious. All nestled in tiny seaside villages.

We recommend a 3-5 day trip.

Gives you the best bang for your buck.

Giddy up, 2015.

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