The Only Pop-Up Camper With 8 Feet of Headroom

What is this, a trailer for giants?!

December 21, 2017 9:00 am

Given they’ve got a little testing ground known as the Outback at their disposal, it comes as no surprise that Australians have a reputation for making campers.

Some of those are off-roaders. Some are pop-ups. And some of them are both — like the new Ares loft camper from Melbourne-based Mars Campers.

A design that was created after Mars carried out an extensive amount of market research about what its customers were looking for in a camper, the Ares is compact and lightweight enough to be towed by most vehicles, yet sturdy and durable enough to stand up to a beating. Also, since Australia has a lot of very tall people, the camper’s roof can pop up to two stories: we’re talking enough headroom to fit the late, great Manute Bol (7’7”) with room to spare.

With seating for six and sleeping space for four, the 18.3-foot-long loft camper is filled with mesh panels that allow for improved airflow, a slide-out outdoor kitchen and a convertible sofabed.

Ares Camper (8 images)

“The Ares was designed to offer great views no matter where you are standing or sitting inside it,” according to Mars. “The raised roof provides great airflow in hot days and perfect insulation during cold nights, it also doubles up as a storage area or bedding for the kids.”

Expected to go into mass production in early 2018, the Mars costs about $27k before delivery.

For more info about the camper, check out the video below.

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