Behold, a Rideable French Art Deco Masterpiece

This restored Majestic looks as good as it did in 1929

December 8, 2017 9:00 am

Most people build motorcycles.

But not radical designer Georges Roy. The art deco-inspired French engineer essentially sculpted them.

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1929, Roy’s most famous bike, the Majestic, had an automotive-type chassis at its core topped off by a curvaceous body made from pressed steel. The Majestic’s monocoque build made waves at the show, but it failed to resonate with customers. Through the motorcycle went into production, the magic was over by 1933.

It’s now estimated that there are fewer than 10 Majestics left in the world, one them being this red-and-white model that was recently restored by Serge Bueno of LA-based Heroes Motors.

Majestic (6 images)

Owned by Bueno’s family for three decades, this 1930 model-year Majestic was restored with photographs serving as the only guide. It took Bueno five months of eight-hour days in the Heroes shop restore the 50-pound body.

To celebrate, Bueno upgraded the vintage bike’s looks with a sidecar from French specialist Bernadet and improved its comfort level by installing a Dunlopillo latex foam seat.

Sure, it might not be quite as glorious as Roy’s original masterpiece, but it’s damn close.

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