The FA-13 Combat Bomber Will Be the Last Confederate Motorcycle

Then they'll switch to a new, less oblivious name

August 31, 2017 9:00 am

The Alabama-based Confederate Underground is no more. A welcome sign of the times, the manufacturer — which got its start in 1991 — is changing its name to Curtiss Motorcycles in honor of speed hero Glenn Curtiss.

But before they officially throw in the towel, they’ve released one last ride: the FA-13 Combat Bomber, which also happens befittingly to be the most powerful bike the maker has ever released.

Combat Bomber (3 images)

The tough mudder is packing a V-Twin with 150 horsepower fitted in a billet-alloy monocoque frame with cantilever forks and a rear mono-shock. She’s mighty mean and yet stable. 

To boot, with the launch of Curtiss comes the manufacturer’s switch to producing solely electric rides. That makes this Combat Bomber an instant piece of moto history. Meaning: she’s the last of the brute, gas-guzzling badasses to come off the line at Confederate, for better or worse.

But mostly for the better.

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