Limited Edition Land Rover Defender Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary in the United States

It'll be limited to 500

Defender 30th Anniversary Edition
Land Rover Defender 30th Anniversary Edition.
Land Rover

In 1993, the first Land Rover Defenders appeared for sale in the American automotive market. The Defender itself was a big step forward for the marque, and their appearance in the American market has, in the last 30 years, helped to pave the way for more SUVs and crossovers. In the early 1990s, those felt like rarities; now, they’re ubiquitous.

It wouldn’t be a significant automotive anniversary without the automaker doing something to celebrate. All of which helps to explain why Land Rover just announced the Defender 30th Anniversary Edition. Only 500 will be made, which — as AutoBlog pointed out — is a reference to the number of Defenders that were originally customized to be street legal in the United States.

What can prospective buyers expect? The anniversary edition is based on the 2023 Defender P300 S, with certain details adjusted to match its ancestor. This includes Fuji White Paint, Gloss White Steel Wheels and a badge denoting this vehicle’s status as an anniversary edition.

“This Edition celebrates the Defender model legacy here in North America, while offering technology and features that the adventurers of today expect in a new vehicle,” said Jaguar Land Rover North America President and CEO Joe Eberhardt in a statement.

While the anniversary edition hearkens back to a vehicle from 30 years ago, the technology is much more contemporary, featuring climate control, LED lights and an option for several additions for off-roading. According to the announcement, it’s available now, with prices starting at $75,000. As blends of nostalgia and modern technology go, this sounds pretty enticing.

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