Turns Out Midlife Crises Look Better in Regal Blue

My word, that's a Lambo?

May 9, 2017 9:00 am

After all of these years of picking on Lambos — specifically their owners — I’m going to have to put my big ol’ foot in my mouth.

Because this special edition Lamborghini Aventador is just lovely.

If you have eyes, then you probably already know what I’m getting at.  I get the flamboyant greens, d-bag oranges and Grimace purples. They’re meant to make it exciting, make it pop. But just look at what can be accomplished when Lambos take it down a notch or seven.

Miura (6 images)

Worthy of a celebration, this one. Which is its whole point as it turns out. This Miura homage edition is limited run of just 50 made to celebrate the half-century anniversary since the legendary model’s launch. The handiwork of the Sant’Agata Ad Personam department, the distinguished Miura special, nearly fresh off the line with only 100 miles on the odi, can be found at this dealership in Newport Beach, California for $499,990 in pocket change. That’s roughly $100k over what you’d pay for a Aventador coupe, but as a limited-edition it’s certain appreciate in value.

Plus, you’re paying to be someone she’d actually take home to meet mom.

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