The Last Open-Top LaFerrari Just Went Very Loudly Into the Night

Most expensive new car ever sold at auction? Check.

September 11, 2017 9:00 am

When the auction of a hardtop LaFerrari, the 500th and final model in the series, in December set a new record for the sale price of a 21st century car, it was actually a very good thing.

Reason being: the car’s $7 million price went to benefit victims of last year’s earthquakes in Italy.

Over the weekend, the 21st century car record fell once again — and it’s an even better thing.

Topping what it secured for the coupe version at the end of 2016, Ferrari was able to sell its last-ever LaFerrari Aperta open-top model for a cool $9.96 million during an RM Sotheby’s auction of special Prancing Horse builds on Saturday.

The proceeds from the 210th Aperta — which hasn’t been built yet and was represented by a digital model — will entirely go to benefit the education program of Save the Children.

When built, Lot 154 will have a one-of-one livery consisting of a metallic Rosso Fuoco body featuring a pair of Bianco Italia racing stripes on the hood and rear section. Not too shabby.

A sweet ride for an even better cause, this is a classy way for the Aperta line to come to an end.

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