Isuzu and Honda Announce Collaboration on Hydrogen-Powered Trucks

The planned venture would play to the strengths of both companies

Isuzu N-Series Diesel Truck
If a new collaboration between Isuzu and Honda works out, we might see a hydrogen-powered version of this truck in the future.
Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.

Once you start to think beyond gasoline as a fuel source for cars and trucks, the possibilities are endless. That might not be hyperbole: whether you heartily endorse biodiesel or tout the glories of the electric car — or prefer something even more obscure, like seaweed — odds are good that someone has built a vehicle around that energy source.

A new collaboration between Isuzu and Honda might lead to some breakthroughs in a very different type of fuel: namely, hydrogen. Max Finkel at Jalopnik reports that Isuzu recently announced a research partnership with Honda for a line of hydrogen-powered trucks. It’s an arrangement that, as Finkel explains, could work to the advantage of both entities.

Isuzu went on to describe how the arrangement was mutually beneficial to the two companies. The truckmaker has been looking for opportunities to expand alternative fuel offerings and Honda, long a proponent of fuel-cell technology, has been looking for partners that could develop applications for its technology beyond niche models like the FCX Clarity.

Jalopnik reports that Isuzu has established several partnerships with other automakers, including Volvo and GM. The article also notes that hydrogen cells may work better for trucking, given its speed in refueling. The press release issued by Isuzu hails Honda’s work with fuel cell technology, offering one glimpse at where this may all be headed. If it leads to a greener future for the trucking industry, so much the better.

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