What Happens When You Buy an Electric Mini-Jeep Online for $1,700?

The stranger side of electric vehicles

A very small jeep
It's electric, and a little smaller than you might have expected.

Even in the last few years, the world of electric vehicles has grown dramatically. Some of that has come down to automakers pledging to phase out gas-powered vehicles in the coming years; the way that a number of electric vehicles are looking more and more affordable is certainly another factor in that growth. But there’s affordable and then there’s absurdly cheap, and for the latter, there’s no better guide than the Electrek column Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week, which is exactly what you think it is — a guide to strange and inexpensive EVs available via the website in question.

The latest installment of Micah Toll’s column focuses on a mini-Jeep that was purchased for $1,700. Toll wrote about the vehicle earlier this year, and then heard from someone who’d gone ahead and bought it. Toll writes that “it can fit a couple of adults shoulder to shoulder.” And in terms of its size and power, “it’s more closely comparable to a golf cart in size and power, yet reaches a decent speed of 25 mph.”

The total came to just over $1,700 for the vehicle with a few upgrades, including seat belts. Shipping, plus customs and tariffs ended up bringing the cost to “around $3,000.” Which, admittedly, is a bit steep compared to the initial price. However, Toll notes that this vehicle is comparable to a golf cart; even factoring in the fees associated with that, its cost is less than half of what a new golf cart would cost.

Admittedly, driving a vehicle that looks like a World War II-era Jeep around a golf course might draw some stares. The guy who bought it, a man named Kyle, seemed happy with his purchase. “I’m perfectly happy with what I received and what it does – it’s a medium-sized kids’ toy, or a small adult play thing,” he said. What’s not to like?

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