Woodstock on Four Wheels, Basically

The newest in ICON 4x4's Derelict series is a '67 VW

By The Editors
September 16, 2015 9:00 am

Above is a 1967 VW Bus.

Weather-beaten. Original paint job. Collapsible rooftop tent flapping in the wind as it goes. Pass it on the highway and you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance.

Which is a shame, because you’d be missing something beautiful.

That Bus is the newest remodel in ICON 4×4’s “Derelict” series, dedicated to preserving — rather than erasing — the character that decades of use have worn onto the bodies of classic cars.

Says ICON chief Jonathan Ward of the Derelict ethos:

“It’s all about the patina.”

It’s what caught his eye with this Bus: not a spot of rust on it, but rather a paintjob that’s been “lovingly washed and rubbed and cared for” for decades.

While the outside has been lovingly maintained in its found state, the inside tells a different story.

Ward swiveled one of the benches 180 degrees and installed a table to create a space for “drinking, eating cards and hanging out.” He also reupholstered the seats with vintage deadstock patio furniture material and fitted the interior with custom walnut woodwork that perfectly complement the vehicle’s halcyon charm.

And under the hood, Ward installed a 2.0 liter VW Jetta engine that puts out 195 horses but retains the sounds and feel of the original.

The kicker: a custom-built roof tent with rain cover and step ladder that pitches in 30 seconds.

Check out the video below to learn more about the build, and contact ICON if you’re interested in welcoming a Derelict into your home.

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