Someone’s Selling a Tank-Sized Six-Door Hummer

Good luck finding a parking spot.

May 5, 2017 9:00 am

OK, so it’s not techincally a Hummer.

This insane box monster is actually a replica of an AM General truck with a mish-mash of Suburban parts and a 5.7-liter gas engine mixed in. It’s called the Urban Gorilla, and it’s a replica similar enough to the H1 that the company was sued by Hummer and had to quit production altogether. So consider this model — which is currently for sale on Craigslist in Minneapolis — the one that slipped through the proverbial cracks.

Hummer (5 images)

The listing calls it a new, custom-built Hummer H1, one-of-a-kind and boasting under 20 miles on the odi. But it also says it was built in 1997 at a factory in Ohio and never finished. The tires are brand new Pirelli Scorpions with a 1998 DOT stamp and white in the tread. “The entire vehicle, including the frame and inside has been powder coated. It is very easy to tell it’s all new. Look at the pics, they tell the truth,” the ad promises with Trumpian assuredness.

We’ve got to admit: even if there is some duct tape covering where the air canister should be, this thing is nuts. It has six doors. It’s larger than a downtown condo. It’s an off-road-capable hearse.

And at just $24,995, it’s also light years cheaper a real H1.

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