The Harley Che Guevara Would’ve Owned

Analog Motorcycles reimagines the Street 750

By The Editors
November 6, 2015 9:00 am

When Harley-Davidson first announced the release of the Street 500 and 750 in 2013 — their first lightweight releases since discontinuing the Sprint nearly 40 years prior — the hog-humping elite was less than impressed. And while those sentiments are still alive and well with a certain brand of old-line Harley enthusiasts for whom everything bigger and louder is also better, custom builders have been kinder to the pared-down models.

Case in point: this reimagined 750 by Illinois mod shop Analog in collaboration with Bike Town/Whiskey Grade honcho Tom Wronkovich.

The scrambler-style kit, originally conceived to compete in Street custom contest Harley hosted to drum up sales, features spoked Continental TKC80 tires, a custom stainless steel exhuast, Cotter Pin tool and accessories, dirt bike bars and an absolutely bulletproof-cool black-and-gold paint job.

You can see the bike in the flesh at Whiskey Grade in Cleveland, and check out more photos at Bike EXIF.

Image via Whiplash Racing

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