Here’s History’s Most Beloved Porsche, With $525K in Upgrades

Oh, just your basic gut job, everything to see here

August 28, 2017 9:00 am

California-based Gunther Werks recently unveiled a dazzling Porsche concept called the 400R. Much has been made of the car’s price and design, but most revealing are the company’s own words:

“The anticipation of taking delivery of your custom 400R is similar to the anticipation soon-to-be parents feel as they wait to meet their newborn.” In other words: our sports car is about as, if not more, life-changing than your kid. 

And it better be, because the bespoke job costs $525,000 — and that’s not including the actual car, which Guntherwerks will probably have to find for you.

First shown at Monterey Car Week, the 400R is an upgraded Porsche 993, the last 911 with an air-cooled engine. Production ceased in 1998, and it is considered by many to be “the last real Porsche,” as Autoblog points out.

Porsche 400R (3 images)

But who in their right mind would spend half a million dollars to chop up a golden age sports car?

“The newer generation doesn’t understand the passion for cars that mine has,” Gunther Werks Chief Executive Officer Peter Nam told Robb Report. “One of the reasons I wanted to take on this project was to inspire the younger generation to learn how to drive a manual transmission. I want this car to be something my young son can enjoy 10 years down the road.”

Lucky kid.

So where does this large chunk of change go, exactly?

For starters, the car whole car was gutted. There’s a hand-built carbon-fiber body, coilover suspension, a hydraulic lift system for front end clearance, anti-roll bars, LED headlights with 3D-printed housings and aerospace glass, a bespoke wing, a Getrag six-speed manual transmission, 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires and a Brembo braking system.

As for the highly customizable interior, there are carbon-fiber bucket seats, leather upholstery and updated gauges.

Porsche 400R 2 (3 images)

And that’s just the CliffsNotes.

Should you want to discuss the details and potentially nab one of the 25 400R commissions available, Gunther Werks will gladly answer any further questions. In fact, as we mentioned, they’ll do one better: for those without a Porsche 993 in their garage, the company will purchase one on your behalf … and tack it onto your receipt.

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