Custom Nimbus Type C ‘Odin’s Fury’ Is Ready to Rage at Bonneville

Calling all Norse Gods ... your chariot awaits

September 26, 2017 9:00 am

Manufactured by Fisker & Nielsen in Copenhagen in 1919, the Nimbus Type C motorcycle had the truly time-period appropriate nickname of “Stovepipe” thanks to the look of its exhaust.

Fifteen years later, the vacuum-turned-moto manufacturer put out a new Nimbus and the Type C also received a nickname, “Humlebein” (bumblebee in English), thanks to the purr of its engine.

All due respect to the Stovepipe and Humlebein, but we’d rather roll with the nickname of the Nimbus-based bike that motorcycle mechanic and restorer Lars Nielsen built — Odin’s Fury.

Based on a model that was used by the police, postal service and military in in Denmark, the Danish bike builder’s creation for his GonzoMoto shop was made to compete during the AMA Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah but hasn’t had the chance due to cancellations.

That’s a shame because, thanks to a revamped 750cc engine featuring new gaskets, fresh pistons and a modified crank connected to a Harley-Davidson carburettor all packaged within a new lightweight frame, we’re fairly certain Odin’s Fury would be able to spear all of the competition.

We can’t promise it no longer sounds like a bumblebee, but we’re sure it doesn’t look like one …

Odin’s Fury (3 images)

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