Wait. Motorcycle Jetski? That’s kinda badass.

Gibbs Sports’ new moto hybrid is Kenny Powers' dream

By The Editors
October 23, 2015 9:00 am

The Amphicar. Vehicular porn object of action movies past, as piloted by everyone from GI Joe to James Bond to Run DMC. And yet, for all its practicality (there’s no stopping a man who can go from land to sea and back again!), it never really stuck. Maybe this will:

The Biski, a motorcycle-jetski hybrid from Michigan-based Gibbs Sports — the same company that brought you the equally amphibious Quadski. Their new two-wheeled beast is no slouch, topping out at 80 mph on land, 35 mph by water.

It takes about 3-5 seconds to make the transition, and though the aluminum monocoque hull does decrease agility on turns, it keeps the moto afloat and the water from spraying your torso.

As of now it’s only offered in blue with black trim, and the price is still TBD.

But they are taking reservations. Hero-dom awaits.

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