New Study Cites Ford Ranger As the Year’s Most American-Made Vehicle

This year's Made in America Auto Index is up

Ford Ranger
A 2020 Ford Ranger.
Ford Motor Company

Every year, the Kogod School of Business at American University assembles the Made in America Auto Index. It documents which cars and trucks are the most American-made, taking that term literally.

An AutoBlog article by Ronan Glon explains the process behind the Index and gives a sense of its history. As Glon phrases it, the Index “takes into account a wide variety of factors including the percentage of American and Canadian parts found in a given vehicle, where it’s assembled, where the company’s headquarters are located, and whose pocket the profits it generates end up in.”

What’s at the top of this year’s list, you may wonder. It’s none other than the Ford Ranger, with a score of 85. 70% of the Ranger’s parts were made in the United States or Canada. That’s not quite the highest percentage in the Index — the Dodge Grand Caravan measures up at 74%, but its overall score is lower, in part because of the Amsterdam headquarters of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles.

Following the Ranger is the Chevy Camaro, with a score of 83 — but only for the automatic transmission. (The manual transmission is produced overseas.) Elsewhere in the top 5 — which includes a couple of ties — are the Corvette, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon and multiple versions of the Jeep Cherokee.

If you’re curious to know more about where the parts within a vehicle come from, this year’s Auto Index offers plenty to mull over.

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