Ford CEO Shares Concerns of Maverick Demand Outweighing Supply

Drivers can't get enough of the Maverick, it seems

Ford Maverick
Demand for Ford Mavericks seems to be up again.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Given the relatively low price of the Ford Maverick — and the growing popularity of trucks in the United States — it’s not hard to see why many drivers have been drawn to it. In early 2022, Ford temporarily stopped taking orders for the compact pickup due to the overwhelming demand the automaker was experiencing for it. If you’re experiencing a sense of deja vu a little over a year later, there’s a good reason for that — turns out demand might be overwhelming supply for the Maverick yet again.

As Brett Foote at Ford Authority reports, Ford has ramped up Maverick production since that moment in 2022 — but it still might not be enough to meet the current demand for the pickups. The article goes on to cite comments made by Jim Farley, Ford’s CEO, at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

“Unfortunately, we completely under-called the demand for Mavericks,” Farley told shareholders. “So, I’m not confident even with the capacity increase that we’re going to have a lot of Mavericks available to everyone.”

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Farley went on to to note that potential buyers looking for Mavericks can still find them. “[W]e have a ten day supply of the vehicle. You can find Mavericks,” he added. “The capacity increase will help, but clearly, the vehicles hit a really positive nerve, especially with the U.S. consumer. And we’re doing everything we can to increase, especially our supply chain, to increase the production.”

Farley pointed out that an increase in capacity at the plant where Mavericks are made was slated to happen in July — something that should alleviate concerns of demand outstripping supply.

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