This FJ40 Just Shed Its Skin and Came Back Twice as Nice

Fly, butterfly, fly

April 21, 2017 9:00 am

When the FJ Company has an announcement, we are all ears. And eyes. Mostly eyes.

It’s clear to see why. The Miami-based restoration shop has a singular obsession with a very singular car: the FJ40, an iconic series of Land Cruisers that Toyota rolled off the line from 1960-1984.

Every custom Land Cruiser they touch turns to pure nostalgic gold, and that streak continues with their newest release, a toy car- and hot rod-inspired ’72 they brought up to speed with a new 3F-E engine, five-speed transmission, scratch-resistant interior, sport seats and a metallic orange paint job.

They even threw a functional bottle opener on the bespoke front bumper. That’s for use at the destination, of course.

These guys just think of everything.

FJ40 (6 images)

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