Fisker Inc. Reveals its Robust Future Vehicle Lineup

Following the Ocean SUV, the EV automaker’s plans include a pickup truck and a sports car.

The all-electric 4-door Convertible GT Fisker Ronin is revealed during its inaugural "Product Vision Day
The all-electric 4-door Convertible GT Fisker Ronin is revealed as part of Fisker's EV lineup during its inaugural "Product Vision Day" in Huntington Beach, California, on August 3, 2023.
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Henrik Fisker is, if nothing else, tenacious. A big name in automotive design, the Danish entrepreneur has been relentless in his pursuit to emulate Tesla’s initial success as an EV startup with his own brand. Now, Fisker Inc. may finally have the foothold its founder’s been striving for. With the company’s first car, the Ocean, finally being delivered to a handful of customers, as well as the reveal of its future product lineup, Fisker’s moved one step closer to Tesla territory.

EV startups are a dime a dozen. This was particularly true throughout the 2010s when everyone with deep enough pockets witnessed the traction Tesla was gaining in the then-scarce electric vehicle market. From there, investors big and small threw wads of cash at products that barely manifested anything more than glitzy CES presentations. To put it another way, for every one Tesla, there are a dozen Faraday Futures in the wings promising the moon. 

Some threats to the Tesla crown were more credible than others, with Fisker being one of the more notable ones. Fisker saw stints at BMW and then-Ford-owned Aston Martin, where he had a hand in designing vehicles like the BMW Z8 and X5, and Aston Martin’s DB9. 

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Skip ahead to 2007 when Fisker released the Karma, a hybrid sports sedan that made waves, but Fisker Automotive failed to get the wind it needed underneath its wings. Fast forward even further to today, where Fisker’s new company — that’s Fisker Inc. — is making steady progress to become an automotive brand with a full-fledged portfolio. 

At a recent reveal event, concepts of vehicles joined the Ocean onstage representing the variety segments Fisker plans to join. The Ocean is currently the automaker’s only production car. Produced in Austria by Magna Steyr, the Ocean is a fully-electric SUV with 468 horsepower available with up to 360 miles of estimated range. Along with the other cars, Fisker revealed the Force E, an off-road package for the Ocean that kits it out with bigger wheels, higher clearance, and protective skid plates among other touches. 

Another rugged offering is the Fisker Alaska, an all-electric four-door pickup truck with modular cargo configurations. It’s designed to be sporty enough to drive in-between cargo hauling jobs, offer up to 340 miles of range, and is shooting for a $45,400 price tag. 

The Fisker PEAR is one of the more quirky vehicles on deck. As a “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution,” the car functions as an affordable daily utility vehicle that will come in at $29,900. It’s meant to be a versatile EV with a hidden tailgate and a front boot, or “froot,” so as to stick with the pomaceous theme.

Lastly, Fisker revealed the Ronin, a flashy, limited-run four-door sports convertible with a $385,000 asking price. This show-stopper is expected to have over 1,000 horsepower and be able to jet from 0 to 60 in two seconds flat. All told, it’s an impressive lineup, with the PEAR on target for a 2025 arrival. As with all things Fisker-related, it’s a matter of wait and see.

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