Long Island Ferrari Thieves Pull Off Logic-Defying Heist

Four cars were stolen, plus several key fobs

Ferrari logo
An ambitious crime comes to fruition.
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

There have been plenty of memorable heists over the years, which have seen skilled thieves make off with everything from artwork to diamonds. But most heists tend to follow a fairly logical framework — a person or group of people make off with an amount of stolen goods roughly equivalent to the size of the group doing the stealing. And then there’s the case of a theft of a number of Ferraris from a dealership on Long Island, which takes things in a very different direction.

NBC New York has more details on the heist, which took place on an early Saturday morning at the Ferrari of Long Island Service Center. Now, NBC reports, Nassau County police are searching for the three thieves who stole four cars.

As Autoblog points out, you can see exactly where this Ferrari heist moves from “daring” to “potentially impossible.” One assumes the thieves did not steal three cars and then go back for a fourth, unless they like living even more dangerously than most high-end car thieves.

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According to NBC’s report, the Ferraris stolen in the heist included a “2014 gray convertible, a 2016 blue convertible, a 2018 white two-door and a 2023 white two-door.” A number of key fobs were also stolen, though it isn’t clear as of yet whether the stolen fobs were only for the stolen cars. To reiterate, it’s also unclear how one person managed to drive two Ferraris. If there are car thieves out there who can bend the laws of time and space, things are about to get very, very strange.

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