Three Ferrari LaFerrari Prototypes Are Headed to Auction

A glimpse into automotive engineering

Ferrari LaFerrari
The Ferrari LaFerrari at Joe Macari Performance Cars in London, England.
Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

As its name suggests, the Ferrari LaFerrari is meant to be a definitive statement of sorts — essentially, a Ferrari among Ferraris. There’s even more to it than that — including a nod to the unification of Italy that inadvertently nods to a very different automaker — and the process of developing the LaFerrari includes some fascinating forays into alternative designs and prototypes.

Would that result in the LeFerrari prototype being, essentially, the LeFerrari’s LeFerrari? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you might be able to procure an answer before long. As a new article in Autoblog reveals, Mecum has plans to action off a trio of LeFerrari prototypes in the near future.

These Ferraris — along with one more prototype that led to the F12tdf — will be auctioned by Mecum as part of Monterey Car Week 2022. The three LeFerrari prototypes date back to 2011, 2012 and 2014, respectively. As Autoblog’s article notes, the fact that these prototypes are being auctioned off represents a rare occurrence.

For Ferrari devotees, these three prototypes allow you to see how different elements of the LeFerrari came to be, with the oldest of the trio abounding with removable panels and a custom front and the most recent looking very similar to the finalized design of the LeFerrari. It’s a memorable glimpse into how Ferrari does its work.

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